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"Where Luxury and Comfort Meet"

Why "Crash" With Us?

  • Comfort Top Beds 
  • Short & Long Stays Welcome
  • Transportation Services
  • Luxxe Welcome Kits
  • Beverage Stations
  • Snack Carts
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Cable/ Wifi Access
Candles & Plants


These homes away from home are owned and operated by a New York native worldwide traveler, who understands the value of a home away from home. Our Luxxe Crash Pads boasts the comforts of home, but gives the flexibility of a hotel. You can choose to stay for just a night, or you can stay all month. Our Luxxe Crash Pads are affordable and comfortable, with a host of accommodations and amenities to assure that you feel at home.

Are you interested in opening a Crash Pad?

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